The Chicken Palace

By GreenClucker · Apr 7, 2013 · Updated Apr 7, 2013 · ·
  1. GreenClucker

    We decided to build a coop so our son could learn some things about being responsible for animals and learn some basic book keeping along with having fun taking care of chickens. The best part will be the great eggs that we can eat from our very own chickens.

    We have built most of this with reclaimed materials. The substructure is all from bins at construction sites, the sheathing is from old shipping crates and the board and batten siding is made of pallet material and plywood cut in strips. The nesting boxes are pails cut in half that we picked up from the local ice cream factory. The Run was donated from a friend that no longer kept chickens.

    It was more work than we had anticipated as we tend to get a bit over board here when building things but the results are great and the chickens love it.

    We decided on 8 pullets for our coop.

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  1. joan1708
    Very cute. Would love to see pics of the inside.

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