The Chicks


All grown up. Not laying yet.

I don't think this is what was meant by the saying "A chicken in every pot"

The girls are infatuated with Linus.

Mercedes (Rhode Island Red?) - What a hot mess she is. All gangly, feathers sticking up every which way. She is also flighty as all get out.

Harriet and Mercedes - My two shy girls

Harriet (Red Star?) - She is also standoffish. What is it with Reds? She is changing colors again. At one point she was almost completely buff and I'd get her and Donatella mixed up. Now she's turning dark again and looking more like Mercedes.

Simone (Barred Rock?) - Still has the best chirp of all of them. She's starting to get those beautiful black and white feathers.

Donatella (Buff Orpington?) - She has the fastest beak and is first to grab all the good treats. Despite that, she is the smallest of the five.

Jane (White Rock?) What a friendly girl she is. Always the first to rush to the door and jump into my hands.

Jane is feeling vastly superior today. She's the only one who's figured out how to get on the high roost. Who said blondes were dumb?

The Baby Chicks
We currently have 5 chicks that hatched on or before August 29th, 2011. We received them on September 1st, 2011 from At this point we have a few guesses at what breeds they are thanks to members of Here's the link to that discussion

Harriet - It has been suggested that Harriet is a New Hampshire Red. I'm not so sure. Her wing feathers are coming in a very light buff color so I'm thinking she will be a lighter colored bird than a NHR.

Mercedes - It has been suggested that Mercedes is a Rhode Island Red. Her coloring seems to suggest that. She's the one with the constantly dirty butt. She is also the largest of all the chicks and currently the most dominant. You can see that in her strut.

Donatella - It has been suggested that Donatella is a Buff Orpington. She started out canary yellow but is turning more buff colored by the day. We are beginning to see some darker areas towards the base on her wing feathers. She is also growing some tail feathers. Currently, Donatella is mock-fighting with Mercedes for dominance.

Jane - It has been suggested that Jane is a White Plymouth Rock. She continues to lighten and her wing feathers are indeed snowy white. Jane is starting to get some tail feathers as well. She is the least dominate of the group and likes to be held the most when we are able to catch her. She is small and speedy.

Simone - It has been suggested that Simone is either a Barred Plymouth Rock or a Dominque. Time will tell. She is the most difficult to photograph, she always appears as a black mass on camera. Simone is the friendliest of the group and will run over when I reach into the brooder. She likes to be stroked and stand in my hand or perch on my arm but doesn't like to be picked up. She will scream bloody murder each time I try. Crazy chicken.