The Chix And Us

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  1. Donna5
    The coop with the addition of the condo on the left, for the cochins and silkie

    Lexi likes the chickens too!


    The hen house before the addition of the "condo"


    basement of the "condo". Acclimating home for these two and 1 silkie

    My lovely silkie



    In the late winter of 2010 I persuaded my hubby to agree to a few after months of reading, researching and picking the chickens I wanted to keep I finally placed my order and my 5 day olds were due to arrive soon. So building the coop was urgent. We worked for a month in the cold finally placing the roof on our beautiful 6 x 10 coop while the snow gently fell. This was our first major building project and I am proud to say we are still happily married!!

    The five girls all settled in happily, but I was so happy to come across a pair of silkies and the Lake County Fair, one black, one white. I put my convincing skills to use once again and came home so excited to have 2 gorgeous silkies. Sadly the big girls did not like them, even after lots of time seperate but together. They killed the white until we could build the "condo" for the black silkie, Gertie to live safely, she spent a few weeks on the front porch in a temp cage, we brought her out every day and she is the most loving chicken ever! shhhh...don't tell the others she is my favorite!! As our first winter approached I knew Gertie couldn't live alone even though she had a wonderful 2 story condo attached to the other my search started for friends for her, those friends turned out to be 2 cochin partridge I found at another summer market. They are so soft and make good companions for Gertie.

    It is now January and all 8 of them have finally found their peaceful cohabitation ways, ok mostly as their are still some squabbles between the big girls and Gertie. Yes, she still is and always be my favorite little chicky
    This is Jeremy Wyatte a Silver Lace Wyandotte...yes she is a girl with a boys name[​IMG]

    Gift from Hubby. He doesn't mean to encourage me...but he does!


    one of the EE

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  1. Justuschicks
    You have a beautiful mix of chickens! :)

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