Welcome to my co-op
I live in VT with my husband and we have around 25 acres of land. Over the past few months, I have become very attached to my chickens...They all have their own little personalities. I learn new stuff about them everyday.They seem to know me and come running whenever I go outside. I have a bell I ring when I have a special treat for them and they are so funny towatch when they come running. I have had people stop to take their picture while their out exploring their environment. A few months ago, I took in a rescue rooster. We call him Mr. Kellogg. He has to be the nicest, most gentle rooster I have come upon. He is very gentle with the ladies, and they seem to like him very much. However, I did have a younger rooster that grew to be beautiful, but mean. He would lunge at you when you walked by. Not knowing much about roosters and chickens, I didn't realize that rooster don't get along to well with each other. It started off fine, and they both had their share of hens, but of lately, he became very mean to Mr. Kellogg. I was fortunate enough to find someone who wanted a rooster for her hens and we gave him away. It has taken a while, but Mr. Kellogg is back to being his old self. I take pictures almost daily, hoping to get that right shot!. Oh well, thats it for now, I hope you enjoy the pictures (once I learn to load them )I just added my new Rooster (Bob), the pic before is him just 1 day old. We thought he was a hen so his original name was Barb. but to our surprise, he became a rooster. A mighty handsome one I might add. so far, all is good, he gets along well with Mr. Kellogg, and is working on getting his own little chick click. His setting mom (Carmela) just decided to set on the nest that wasn't hers. We were so surprised when we saw this little beauty. He was our 1st natural born chick on our farm. Since then, we've only had one more. and we think he's a rooster too!.