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By Chaos18, Mar 16, 2016 | Updated: Mar 28, 2016 | | |
  1. Chaos18
    Egg NameDay 1 Weight (g)Day 10/17 Weight (g)Weight Loss (%)Day 16/23 Weight (g)Weight Loss (%)InfertileQuit/DISHatchedShipped or LocalSprayedCooledNotesLegend
    DA 16661-7.58%60-9.09%NoYesNoLocalNoNo CG1 - Control Group 1
    DA 357 YesNoNoLocalNoNo (No Spray, No Cool)
    DA 46556-13.85%53-18.46%NoYesNoLocalNoNo CG2 - Control Group 2
    CD 16156-8.20%52-14.75%NoNoYesShippedNoNoAssist(No Spray, Cool)
    CD 25852-10.34%49-15.52%NoNoYesShippedNoNo SG1 - Spray Group 1 (S, No C)
    CD 125652-7.14%49-12.50%NoNoYesShippedNoNo (Spray, No Cool)
    CD 136863-7.35%60-11.76%NoNoYesShippedNoNo SG2 - Spray Group 2 (S/C)
    PCM 15450-7.41%49-9.26%NoNoYesLocalNoNoAssist(Spray, Cool)
    PCM 25853-8.62%52-10.34%NoYesNoLocalNoNo DA =
    PCM 155750-12.28%47-17.54%NoNoYesLocalNoNo Duck Ancona
    PCM 165247-9.62%44-15.38%NoNoYesLocalNoNo CD =
    DA 26659-10.61%58-12.12%NoNoYesLocalNoYes62 hrs pip to hatchChicken Dominique
    DA 57464-13.51%63-14.86%NoYesNoLocalNoYes PCM =
    DA 66457-10.94%56-12.50%NoYesNoLocalNoYes Chicken Partridge Chantecler/Mix
    CD 35851-12.07%48-17.24%NoNoYesShippedNoYes
    CD 45550-9.09%47-14.55%NoNoYesShippedNoYes Average Weight Loss
    CD 55246-11.54%44-15.38%NoNoYesShippedNoYes Days 1-10 (CD,PCM)
    CD 145450-7.41%47-12.96%NoNoYesShippedNoYes -8.55%
    PCM 36258-6.45%54-12.90%NoYesNoLocalNoYes Average Weight Loss
    PCM 45450-7.41%48-11.11%NoYesNoLocalNoYes Days 11-16 (CD,PCM)
    PCM 76358-7.94%55-12.70%NoNoYesLocalNoYes -13.55%
    PCM 852 YesNoNoLocalNoYes Average Weight Loss
    DA 862 YesNoNoLocalYesNo Days 1-17 (DA)
    DA 1070 YesNoNoLocalYesNo -10.65%
    DA 118777-11.49%74-14.94%NoYesNoLocalYesNo Average Weight Loss
    CD 66660-9.09%56-15.15%NoYesNoShippedYesNo Days 18-23 (DA)
    CD 75955-6.78%52-11.86%NoNoYesShippedYesNo -13.58%
    CD 87166-7.04%62-12.68%NoNoYesShippedYesNo
    CD 155650-10.71%48-14.29%NoNoYesShippedYesNo Fertility
    PCM 96560-7.69%56-13.85%NoNoYesLocalYesNo Ancona - 75%
    PCM 105146-9.80%44-13.73%NoNoYesLocalYesNo Dominique - 100%
    PCM 115854-6.90%51-12.07%NoNoYesLocalYesNo Partridge Chantecler/Mix - 87.5%
    PCM 146662-6.06%59-10.61%NoNoYesLocalYesNo
    DA 76660-9.09%57-13.64%NoYesNoLocalYesYes CD Hatch Rate
    DA 96456-12.50%54-15.63%NoYesNoLocalYesYesEgg was cracked87.5%
    DA 126460-6.25%57-10.94%NoNoYesLocalYesYes44 hrs pip to hatchPCM Hatch Rate
    CD 96557-12.31%51-21.54%NoYesNoShippedYesYes 78.6%
    CD 106056-6.67%53-11.67%NoNoYesShippedYesYes Chicken Hatch Rate
    CD 117166-7.04%63-11.27%NoNoYesShippedYesYes 83.0%
    CD 165449-9.26%46-14.81%NoNoYesShippedYesYes Duck Hatch Rate
    PCM 558 YesNoNoLocalYesYes 25.0%
    PCM 65248-7.69%46-11.54%NoNoYesLocalYesYesMalpo/Assist
    PCM 125450-7.41%48-11.11%NoNoYesLocalYesYes Total Hatch Rate
    PCM 135550-9.09%46-16.36%NoNoYesLocalYesYes 54.0%

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  1. Whittni
    Adding a good summary to your research will help it look more legitimate. Pictures of the process are a bonus.

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