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    Here is our story of how we became to love keeping chickens...

    ~ Feather Mtn. Farms ~
    In March 2015 we bought a total of 9 chicks from the feed store. A creature we never thought of as a pet had become part of our family. At first we had little knowledge of keeping chickens and looked through every resource we could find (including this amazing website!) but once we got started we never backed down. After a tragic accident with our first flock we got 4 new baby chicks for our girl Peep who quickly came into liking the new little girls (after some encouragement and pecking order business of course!). We continue to love our flock and spoil them to this day and we are very excited to learn even more about keeping chickens and caring for them! Cheers to happy times to come!​

    Meet the Feather Mountain Flock

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    Peep, our sweet girl from our very first flock of chickens. She is so spoiled and loved. Peep is a brown-red Amerucana pullet almost hen. She lays the prettiest sky-blue eggs! If you want to pick up one of the chickens, Peep is almost always happy to let you cuddle her! Though, she does have a disagreement with winter...and cold...and basically any weather that is not warm and cheerful. She does not typically lay eggs on cold days and stops laying when winter comes round'. Some mornings, she will give you a look that says, "Why have you woken me? Don't you know I was sleeping!? And look at that cold! Do you expect me to go out there!?".

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    Frosting is our most shy chicken. She is also the biggest! Sometimes, because of her size, it is hard to pick her up and she gets a little squirmy. But once you pick her up she is as content as can be! Frosting is a Delaware pullet. When she was a chick, only a few days after she arrived with her sisters, we noticed she ad a crooked toe. We attempted to fix it but it would not so she has a crooked toe but it does not seem to slow her down at all! Frosting is currently laying large brown eggs!

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    Hazel, what a trouble maker! She is the one that always is getting into the stuff that we try and hide from them! Though she loves to play on her troublesome side she also has a loving sweet side! She will follow me around each morning and jump up onto the trash can because she knows I am getting them some scratch! She is SO funny! She is the second smallest after Peep but she really does not care. She does not care about the weather, it can be sunny and warm or raining and cold and she will still jump out of the coop each morning ready for the day to begin! Hazel lays medium-sized eggs about every day.

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    Circuit is a Buckeye pullet. She is kind of lazy, lol. She really showed it when she was a chick! She would be eating and all of a sudden, lay down in the food and continue eating! She is getting better but is not the biggest fan of cuddles. She, like Hazel, has no problem with the weather, what ever it may be raining, sunny, anything! Circuit is currently laying pink-ish brown eggs daily almost!

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    Paisley is so funny, cute, and pretty. She is a large fowl White Cochin pullet. She is SO FLUFFY!!!! And her feet are adorable! One unique thing about her is that she lays two tone eggs...they are dark at the bottom and get lighter as they go up eventually turning almost white! She lays a lot of eggs for a cochin, almost everyday! She loves to be held and cuddled. She prefers to stay indoors on cold bad-weather days with Peep. Sometimes she seems kind of clue less. Like when she jumped over the fence and went on happily pecking bugs on the other side of the chicken yard!

    Meet the Ducks!
    Ducks are new for us this year but we are so excited! They have been a blast even though they ARE ten times messier than the chickens, lol! The two are always by each other and love their stock tank pond. We got lucky because they are both female as we got them straight run from TSC. Their all time favorite food is water melon. Also, their birthday was on St. Patrick's day!

    (Picture coming soon!)
    Mini was the smallest duckling in their brooder at TSC when we got them, hence her name, Mini. She likes to be with Herci at all times and REALLY loves the pond! She has the dark orange bill. Currently laying large white eggs quite frequently!

    (Picture coming soon!)
    Hercules has a more pale bill than Mini, which is nice so that we can easily tell them apart. Hercules, Herci (pronounced: her-key) as we call her for short doesn't like the pond quite as much as Mini but she is still a duck so it's not like she doesn't like water. Just like Mini, Herci loves to be with her at all times! Also currently laying frequently!

    Thank you for reading about my flock!

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  1. FeatherMtnFarms
    Thank you everyone for your thoughtful comments! I just updated so feel free to read and leave a comment! Thank you so much for reading!
  2. SugarPlum
    Congratulations Peep!! They are all adorable & lucky to have you!
  3. RJSorensen
    A fun flock you have there, good to see you enjoy them so.
  4. FeatherMtnFarms
    Thank you hashworld! Yes, Peep has been such a nice girl toward the littles!
  5. hashworld
    Beautiful chickens! And Peep is so cool, to accept everyone so well.

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