The Goodwill End Table Coop

By borkboing · Feb 9, 2012 · ·
  1. borkboing

    We were driving by a Tyson processing plant, and there was a lone escapee chicken in the front yard by the side of the road. Long story short, we became the owners of a pet chicken.

    I looked around at various designs, and loved the one someone had fashioned out of an armoire. So I went to goodwill and got an end table.

    I also scrounged some leftover fencing, leftover chicken wire, a few 2X4s, a piece of metal leftover from building a shed for the roof and a few bits of leftover hardware.

    From this front view you can see the access door on the right, the newly installed ramp, feeder, waterer and metal roof.

    This is the end table close up shut.....


    And here is the end table open. The cardboard box top contains straw, and it all gets burned when it gets dirty.

    Storage area is on the top shelf.


    This is the end view. The far side and back side are just the existing fence.


    And finally a view up the ramp. The white blob inside is Carpe Chicken herself!


    Just goes to show you don't need alot to house a chicken.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    "End Table Coop"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Mar 15, 2019
    I appreciate the repurposing efforts to build a coop, but this looks very tight fitting, even for just one chicken.
  2. MROO
    "Short, Sweet and CHEAP! A good one!"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 11, 2018
    This article doesn't have a lot of how-to advice in it, but the pictures explain well enough that how-tos aren't really needed. What a great idea - and a great rescue effort. Carpe Chicken, indeed!


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  1. ~Cuba~
    After all these yrs, any updates?
  2. thevans
    Where in NW Arkansas do you live ??? We just moved to SouthCarolina from Prairie Grove last month....good for you that you saved one. I must have seen millions of those poor guys on the way to processing :-(
  3. mkrassin
    What an inventive arrangement. You should be proud of it. Its absolutely cute.
  4. KimSp8
    You are a man after my husband's heart. Recycling at its finest!
  5. rendezvous1838
    That is a great story. Her(his) name is perfect too!
  6. NajmoNests
    Great humane story and such a nice home for your pet. I hope she lays eggs for you. What a marvelous way to recycle furniture.
  7. PeeperKeeper
    Going to the local Good Will ASAP!
  8. peterlund
    If he/she eats like a horse, then you got yourself a "stolen" Cornish X hybrid!!!
  9. borkboing
    No eggs yet. I get the feeling this is more of a giant chick than an actual adult bird.
  10. flowerchild59
    Great coop and even better story. Have you had an egg yet???
  11. Wolfhound
    That is so sweet...what a lucky chicken! :)
  12. blessedchick
    What a great rescue story and awesome coop! A second chance at life...
  13. borkboing
    Thanks for the info! I do not know the bird's gender, I just assumed it was female. I hope to find out some day soon with a nice egg...
  14. ayorama
    If it's a boy, you may have a very important peice of genetics there. Also finder beware: Tyson chicks come from a very long line of birds that are never outside, they are born, grow up and never see the light of day (other than lamps), so have no imune system to speak of. I'm sure it can be developed but be careful to keep her warm and healthy until she has the imune system worked out.
  15. brahmamomma
    so sweet, you should get her a friend :)
  16. judyki2004
    Aww thats a cute solution! & Im glad this chick 'find you ! ( is girl or a boy???) Blessings

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