The Harried Homemaker's Duck House

  1. harriedhomemaker

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  1. harriedhomemaker
    Thank you all!
    @Lady Ressler - The ducks are doing great in the house. I'll have to update the pics. I have nine ducks in there at night and they are really happy and healthy.
  2. mo puff
    100% A++++ !!!!!
  3. Lady Ressler
    I love the sunflowers etc for shade idea. I will have to use that next year. I love how you pointed out the things that didn't work and how you then altered your plans or steps and made it work. All of that gives me motivation and makes me feel better about not getting it done perfectly. Had you not explaind the fixes needed, from the pictures I would have thought that it went perfectly and everything was on purpose. It looks GREAT! BTW, how do your ducks like the house?
  4. Minniechickmama
    Excellent job! A very nice set up too. I don't think it is overkill to paint the inside for several reasons. In fact, when I built my duck hutch last year, I put vinyl flooring on the walls so I could spray it out if needed. It works great. I sealed it with caulking on the seams and it is still working great, but now it houses started chickens for a grow-out pen.
    Considering your challenges, I think you did awesome!

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