The Hennery Run

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  1. jonalisa
    ♦♦♦ Welcome to The Hennery Run [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    We have nine sweet hens with nine distinct personalities...

    This is Chippie. Now at the top of the pecking order, this EE was the first to fly in
    the brooder and looks tall and svelte compared to some of her puffy, fluffy Orpish
    High school yearbook: Most Likely To Cross the Road.

    This is Jezebel, my shy, sweet Buckeye. Once a runt at the bottom of the pecking
    order and very skittish, she has worked her way up to #8. Go Jezebel!
    She is now holding still for gentle patting and is much more relaxed and self-assured.
    However, she does have a flare for the dramatic...
    High school yearbook:
    Drama Queen Favorite quote: The sky is falling!

    This is Pearl. Not just another blue-eyed babe, Pearl is a thinker and superior
    cat-like huntress. No worm is too slippery, no Japanese beetle too quick for this
    White Plymouth Rock. These blue eyes are sharp and see all. Don't even try it.
    "Hello, I'm fat."
    High school yearbook: Most Likely to Join a SWAT Team

    This is Maisie, rhymes with Daisy. A Buff Orpington, she was the first to jump up
    in my lap and curl up for a nap. She's in the middle of the pecking order but is
    so sweet and gentle that she is well underestimated by the girls around her.
    Meanwhile, she may be secretly plotting something devious.
    Here's Maisie pretending to drink. She's actually eavesdropping.
    High school yearbook: Most Likely to Help You Move or Steal Your Rooster

    This is my sweet Buff Brahma, Pants Pie. She's the largest chicken in the Hennery
    by volume and yet, sadly, she's lowest on the totem pole. It breaks my heart to see the
    girls piled together on the roosts with Pants Pie always a foot or two away - alone.
    I'm sure they are jealous of her striking featherwork - which is hand-made & imported.
    High school quote: "I said they're NOT pants!"

    This is Agatha, Black Australorp extraordinaire. Fashionista or foe?? She is the Mistress of Disguise!
    She struts around in her many looks as the sun strikes her feathers in shiny shades
    of green, blue and sometimes purple. Never the same chicken twice, she cooly
    remains in the middle of the pack, moving neither up nor down, since she's always
    appearing as a new chicken to the others. She slyly conquers by confusion.
    Agatha in her Elvis persona.
    High school yearbook: Most Likely To Deceive

    Meet Blue. Yes, she's a Blue Orpington. Yes, the name Blue might seem a little
    like dialing it in. Could we have come up with a more creative name? Yes, probably.
    But to our defense, her legs are kinda blue, right? Blue is sweet and gentle
    but I'm pretty sure that if I were stuffed with sunflower seeds, she'd gut me without a
    second thought.
    I'm not saying she's lazy...buuuut there's not a lot of chicken work comin' out of Blue, if you know what I mean.
    High school yearbook: Most Likely To Take Your Lunch Money, Then Take a Nap.

    Bess, my Dominique. Oh Bess, what would my days be like without you?
    Bess is technically #2 in the pecking order, but in her head she's #1.
    First on the scene. First in the food line. First, first, first. She's the first
    to come running when I enter the coop and perches next to me as I clean.
    She loves to jump up on my back while I am bent over scooping poop in the run.
    Is she being affectionate or riding me like a bus? I'll never know. She's curious and
    talkative. Oh, and she's got a little OCD going on in the pecking department.
    "Wait, did I peck this already? Maybe I should peck it again.
    I think I'm going to peck this."
    High school yearbook: Most Likely to Peck
    High school quote: "Are you going to eat that?"

    Charlotte is a Golden Buff. This sex-link breed is often thought of as a generic production
    breed, but make no mistake, there is nothing generic about Charlotte. Somewhere in the
    lower third of the pecking order, she is oblivious to her station. She's often off doing
    something alone - by choice - and the others often follow to see what she's up to.
    And they know she's up to something.
    She's an innovative, free thinker. She's a rulebreaker. A rebel. Fearless.
    High school yearbook: Most Likely to Grow Arms

    ►►►►Group Shots
    Relaxing with a little weed...
    Did someone say "pasta"????
    "...and then I said, Do you mind? I am roosting here! The nerve!"

    ►►►►Baby Photos









    ~~~~~~~~~The Hennery~~~~~~~~~~




    The Hennery Run complex - in progress

    ~~~~~~~~~The Hennery Run~~~~~~~~~~

    And Lastly...
    The Dogs of Hennery Run



    And the Apiary of Hennery Run...

    That's my world. Thanks for visiting it!


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  1. tarahharlin
    I know this is from a few years back, but I absolutely LOVED reading about your girls and their personalities. They definitely sound like some cool chicks to hang with! I also love your coop/run setup...It's beautiful and they are definitely some lucky ladies. Of course your pooches are adorable too! We also have a doxie. :)
      jonalisa likes this.
    1. jonalisa
      Thanks so much for visiting. I haven't been back in this section for so long. I would love to do an update when I find that "free time" people talk about.
      tarahharlin likes this.
  2. Kluk-Kluk
    I love your shots and descriptions. You obviously know your chickens very well. Wish my girls would jump in my lap. I suppose I should spend more time in the pen with them. The black silkie on my avatar would fall asleep in my arms, but a raccoon got her two months ago. :-( Raising a half dozen chicks of different breeds and looking forward to getting to know their personalities like you know yours. Love the quotes. You work at home. What do you do? Write?
  3. GrammiChelle
    Oh, my goodness. I love your chickens almost as much as my own. Their baby pictures are the cutest! And I love your yearbook quotes. If you're not a writer, you should be. This made my day!
  4. Devon07
    I can never post a pic again with my camera phone. great pics and chicks!
  5. cutechick53
    That was sooooo entertaining! I love you coop! Great pics!
  6. goodb
    That chicken house is nicer than some people's that I know of... ;)
  7. mrskenmore
  8. country flock
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. rekkas peeps
    omg i love them all and the names are truly fitting!!! pants pie reminds me of a line from a movie.
  10. lovepeeps
    You are a great Chicken Mama
  11. Nwchickma
    I love your coop and the run! What is in the baby pool? I love all the stuff in your run for them to play with, gotta get to work on mine.
  12. HappyBeaks
    Love the colour on Maisie! Awesome! It is amazing how they all have their own personality. If you tell some one that has never kept chickens before, they just laugh at you. Let me tell you Ducks are the same as are Quails.
    Your Chucks look very happy birds!
  13. jonalisa
    Thank you all for such kind comments!
    Some notes:
    Pecking order. I have a general idea on where everybody is - but honestly, they seem to care less about it than I do.

    Buckeyes. I actually changed my order on MyPetChicken at the last minute and paid extra to add my Buckeye after reading many reviews. Jezebel is like a little linebacker and the one chicken that always looks like she has her hands in her pockets while running for a bus.

    How to I get them to stay still for photos? Well, first I assemble them in the meeting area. I put out some small cheese plates and pass out wine. They are allowed to smoke if they got 'em and mingle a while. Shoulder massages are optional, but available. I let them know these will be published photos and that they should try to relax and think about how they wish to be portrayed and what it could do for their careers. I give them time to practice at the mirror.
    Ok, just kidding :)
    My chickens probably stay still for photos because I work at home, so I spend a lot of time hanging out in the run. They probably have just learned to ignore me. Also, for every "in-focus" photo I think have 50 that are a blur!
  14. blondiebee181
    LOVE IT! Beautiful girls too :)
  15. WhiteLeghorn2
    Beautiful birds. I love your EE. The colors on her are stunning.
  16. MyPetNugget
    I love that you have buckeyes! I have them too and they are the sweetest things! Also, congrats on picture of the week! You got some great shots!
  17. Peanutsmomma
    This absolutely made my morning! Thank you for sharing your girls and your creativity.
  18. daddyman
    How do you convince them to stand still for the pics? Our babies have a psychic give for knowing when the camera is going to click-and they scuttle away!
  19. FancyFeatherInn
    That was great - so creative!!!!!!!
  20. eamos
    Such beautiful girls. It's neat that you can tell their exact place in the pecking order
  21. AlineD
    Hilarious! And so creative!
  22. N F C
    That was a lot of fun to read! Beautiful birds, thanks for sharing.
  23. autumnhearth
    Chippie is stunning! Love that shot. Our EE grew faster than the rest. We also ordered a Buckeye chick but it was constantly challenging its sisters, we ended up re-homing it at 6 weeks to end the drama. Glad yours is sweet.
  24. CountryGeorge
    I have Buckeyes very high on my list of must have chickens.
  25. scooter16
    Very entertaining. They really do have different personalities. :)
  26. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Chicken Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  27. luvmypets
    X2 beautiful birds!
  28. chickenneighbor
    Pretty flock! Love the yearbook quotes!

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