[FONT=book antiqua,palatino] Got an unnamed chick? What about the rescued roo? Now, behold! The incredibly easy handy-dandy name guide! Names not only sound cool, the mean something. (Also fun to just browse through!

Girl's Names:
Esperanza- hope (Spanish)
Lacy- cheerful (Latin)
Lalli- babbler (English) For the loud one in every flock
Kumiko- girl with braids (Japanese)
Iris- rainbow (Greek)
Isis- supreme goddess (Egyptian)
Indira- splendid (Hindi)
Hermione- earthy (Greek)
Hermosa- beautiful (Spanish)
Imelda- warrior (German)
Imogene- image, likeness (Latin)
Electra- shining, brilliant (Greek)
Ella- elfin; beautiful fairy-woman (English)
Donata- gift (Latin)
Donalda- world leader; proud leader (English)
Deryn- bird (Welsh)
Deana- divine (Latin) and valley (English)
Cynthia- moon (Greek)
Cora- maiden (Greek)
Corazon- heart (Spanish)
Cordelia- warm hearted (Latin) and sea jewel (Welsh)
Charlene- little and womanly (English)
Bambi- child (Italian)
Alma- learned (Arabic) and soul (Latin)
Xela- my mountian home (Quiche)
Yin- silver (Chinese)
Yepa- snow girl (Native American)
Zemirah- song of joy (Hebrew)

Zephyr- west wind (Greek)
Cappi- good fortune (Gypsy)
Gia- family (Vietanamese)

Boy's names:
Adair- oak-tree ford (Scottish)
Balder- bald (Scandanavian)
Bem- peace (Tiv)
Bay- seventh son (Vietamese) and chestnut brown color; evergreen tree (French) and howler (English)
Bardrick- axe ruler (Teutonic)
(Just for laughs) Danior- born with teeth
Hercules- glorious gift (Greek)
Jaali- powerful (Swahili)