[FONT=book antiqua,palatino]The Journey[/FONT]
We live on a small parcel of land in middle eastern North Carolina.
We had talked about getting chickens for a little while.
This spring we took the plunge and aquired our new chick family from our local feed store. We went and they didn't have the breeds we had research, but they had some of our 2nd choices. They have been wonderful! We bought 9 chicks. 3 Buff Orpingons, 3 Barred Rocks and 3 New Hampshire Reds. The were straight run chicks... and wouldn't you know, only one rooster in the bunch.... lots of eggs come September! We also built a portable coop or chicken tractor. So we move them everyday. My lawn has never been so green. The miracle of chicken poo. Who woulda thunk it!
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