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The Kiddos :)

  1. AmberSchmieg83
    My husband and I have 10 chickens: 9 hens and 1 rooster. 1 Barred Rock
    rooster (his name is Rooster), 4 Buff Orpington hens (The Orpington Sisters: Bridget, Baldie, Beulah, Betty),
    2 Rhode Island Red hens (Earlene and Roxie), 1 Black Sex Link hen (Velvet),
    1 Barred Rock hen (Audrey), and 1 Wyandotte mixed breed hen (Cindy).

    All the kiddos together (minus one that didn't make the picture) eating frozen corn
    kernals on a hot Sunday afternoon this summer. They loved me, to say the least. [​IMG]
    This has been a favorite thing to do for them, to help them keep cool. Along with
    giving them fresh tomatoes from the garden, and cantaloupe and watermelon!

    The kiddos with our border collie, Katie. Everyone looks so happy & content.
    The chickens know they have a good protector looking out for them!

    In one of their favorite spots, under a bush in the back yard.

    Rooster, just being....a rooster!! [​IMG]

    I honestly can't tell you which of the Orpington Sisters this is....But she sure
    is a beautiful blonde!!

    This is Velvet. Since she is a Black Sex Link, I figured
    she needed a "sexy" name. This is either her "come hither"
    look...or her "get away from me" look. You can decide.

    Audrey: The Boss. Period. [​IMG]

    This is Earlene. She knows she's cute. [​IMG]

    This blondie says "Mom, I'm hot!!! Give me some frozen corn!!!"

    Thank you for viewing the pictures of our flock. We love them all so much!! [​IMG]

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  1. mc79
    Gorgeous flock!
  2. AmberSchmieg83
    Thanks again everyone, for the nice comments!
  3. Gilmore768
    Very nice flock. Great feathers. Nice farm too.
  4. Fluffers
    Audrey looks so serious like,"what makes you think you can just snap a picture of me without my permission"
  5. AmberSchmieg83
    Thanks! Have fun as well!
  6. Pixelvt
    I kind of figured that. We have 4 girls each a different breed. But you may be able to tell in time by personality too. Have fun.
  7. AmberSchmieg83
    Pixelvt: In all honesty, we can't tell them apart. Except for Baldie, who got her name because when all her sisters had developed their combs and wattles, she still hasn't fully. But I still figured they all needed names regardless. Maybe I'll figure out a way to tell them apart soon.
  8. Pixelvt
    I was wondering how you tell the Buff's apart haha, we have one very sweet, had a Barred Rock who died two years ago, still have total of 4, enough for us, love the names, we have a Betty btw (also Little Peep, Maxine, and Bilma)
  9. sunflour
    Thanks for sharing, you have a lovely flock.
  10. hashworld
    Very beautiful and happy chickens:)

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