The Lap Chicken

By DonnaW · Dec 15, 2012 ·
  1. DonnaW
    In the Spring of 2012 I decided to add a few new girls to my flock. Quite by accident we ran into a breeder that was selling what she called "Golden Pencil Leg Hamburgs". I had never seen this breed in person but their coloring interested me because they reminded me of Ruffed Grouse. I purchased 4 pullets who were 3 months old. Needless to say my flock was not immediately welcoming to the new girls. To kindof keep peace at roosting time, I would go to the chicken house and just sit with the flock until everyone was safely on the roost. One of the new Hamburgs would always come to me and within a couple of days was flying up in my lap to sit until it was time for her to roost. She and I soon became close buddies. She followed me around the farm and always helped me work in the flower beds, herb boxes and garden, and of course I paid her back in worms and bugs. Anytime I sat down to rest "Miss Goldie" was there sitting in my lap resting with me.

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  1. cubbycopter47
    Cool story!!!!!!! When I get some new chickens that are young I hoping they will do the same thing.

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