The Lost Eko

By Jedichickens · Jul 9, 2012 ·
  1. Jedichickens
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    One Day, My family thinks " o! If we had chickens, we could get eggs!"
    1 month later, we contact a Farmer John and get 3 cute little black sex links. Hazel, emerald And scarlet.
    Emerald died of a heat stroke, Then we Get a BO And name it Tiny. Unknown to us, we under feed the two Black Stars, and Hazel dies. Then, one morning, We cant find Scarlet. we look forever, but we dont see her. Tiny was going crazy and we go to Farmer Dave ( where we got Tiny) and get another BO, Eko. We call her that because she Bwaks like crazy.
    Well, Due to little kids, Eko runs away to these woods near our home. for a long week, we try to track down Eko. We get Repeat, and name her so because she was after Eko.
    Finally Eko gives up the run and we catch her, and now we have 3 chickens. That was around a year ago ( you loose track of time with chickens) . Nowadays, we get about 3 eggs a day in spring and fall, and 2 eggs a day in Summer and winter. Ive learned so mush from BYC And even though my alias is Yankeedoodle300, I want a new me. and thats Jedichickens.
    Thanks Yall,

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