The New Coop

I love the egg shaped screened part you put in the man door! Did you do anything to seal off the open parts of the exposed inside of the door (you know the hollow part)?
I can't really tell where you have the nest boxes or how you get to them. I know you said you put them in the front.
Those must have been some really BIG pallets! The ones I get are not nearly that long. What a great find for you!

I would have liked more details about how you built your coop and what all you put inside of it.
Maybe a materials list? I know you used pallet wood, but how many slats? How long were they? That kind of thing would be helpful to anyone wanting to recreate your coop.
Additional pictures of the building process would have been nice too.

Thank you for sharing your coop with us.
I like your build overall. I agree with your suggested improvements; more space definitely would have been better. I absolutely love your idea of a scratch box! I'll be borrowing that idea for sure!
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