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Oreo is a 1 year old Barred Plymouth Rock hen.


Mrs. Chicken
Mrs. Chicken is a 1 year old Barred Rock hen.


Cami is a 1 year old Buff Orpington hen.


Buttercup is a 1 year old Buff Orpington.

but do you recall the newest members of the flock!?!


King is my young Silver Campine rooster. He is the only chick that I have ever hatched.

I was really excited when he started chirping and wiggling in the egg. And then a pip!

He continued to wiggling and chirp after he pipped and then the next morning he began zipping!

And he is out!

Once King was all dry and I knew that the other eggs were not going to hatch, I moved him to the brooder.

He liked to cuddle and play with his friend mirror.

He still chirped a lot and seemed lonely so we went and picked up two Barred Rock chicks from a local farm. The Barred Rocks were a few days older then him and twice his size so I thought that they were going to pick on him. However, when I put them in the brooder with him, he started attacking them. King continually pecked their combs and eyes. I guess he was just showing them who was in charge and that it was his brooder because later that night he calmed down and now they get along great! One of the Barred Rocks turned out to be a rooster and the other a pullet. We could only keep one rooster so the male Barred Rock went to a new home. We kept the female Barred Rock and her name is Lily.

Miss Kay

Miss Kay is a Barred Rock. She is a very curious and is always first to find food. She is King's best friend and is always by his side.

When it was time for Miss Kay to lay her first egg, we were still in the process of building their new coop. They normally stayed in the brooder in the garage but one day we had them out free-ranging in the yard. Miss Kay came back into the garage and found an open bag of pine shavings. After she was done laying she started to sing and jumped of the bag of shavings, leaving her first egg.

She has already proven that she is a great layer. For her first week of laying she laid 7 eggs in 8 days.

Lotus is a Speckled Sussex. She is one of 5 chicks I recently got from Meyer Hatchery.

Violet is a Black Australorp. She is very energetic and does not stay still very long.

Iris is a Blue Andalusian. She is the smallest of the chicks but is still very fast and hard to catch.

Iris's first egg! Laid on Christmas day 2013!

Rose is an Easter Egger. She will climb all over you if you are sitting on the ground and chase after you if you leave her.

Poppy is a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte. She is very cute and fluffy. She eats a lot and will randomly fall asleep standing up with her head hanging down.

Thanks for looking!

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