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  1. TwoCrows
    Describe 'The Old Homestead Coop' here

    Recently, (2013) I decided to get my chickens out of the "Frost-Bite Motel" and into a REAL coop. This was my first coop build, as originally when I got started in chickens many years ago, I went with one of those pre-fab type coops and updated it a bit. It was a small, raised 2'x6' coop which I had to do much work to, to accommodate all my birds and allow for proper ventilation. However no matter how many slits and holes I put in the roof of this tiny coop, the ventilation just never cut the mustard, so to speak, and the birds were always getting frost bite on their combs. So a new coop was in order.

    Now, since having joined on to BYC, and all the experience that I had accumulated over these past years here, I figured with some help, I could build the hens a proper home. The idea was to build a 6x8 foot coop with an attached run of 8x12 feet. We were building this coop next to "The Old Homestead", and wanted to keep it in the same theme of old homestead, hence The Old Homestead Coop. So, we got down to business.

    We started the ground breaking with the tractor and because of living on a mountain side, dirt must be kept under control! So we used cement blocks to hold back the dirt...

    Next we cemented in the treated 4x4's...

    Got the roof beams in place and tilled and leveled the dirt in the coop area and run...

    Started the framing and the beginnings of the coop. We used Fence Pickets here to keep the cost down and give it that older look...

    The inside of the coop...
    [​IMG] it is starting to look like a coop and run!...

    Fortunately, we have access to wash/arroyo sand. I had never used sand and was excited to try it, since many of you have used it and claim it's greatness!! So we spent an entire day, shoveling in this sand and even got started attaching the 1/2 inch hardware cloth to the run...

    Finished up the hardware cloth in the run, added rocks around the base, (also available in huge supplies around here), got all the windows cut in and can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!...

    Vents...couldn't forget the venting! I had had enough of the lack of air movement in their original coop. So let the air fly! All along the front and rear, the air can vent out the roof...

    Added some stuff to the shelves, stained the outside, (let it air off over night), put out feed and water and then added the birds!!...


    Hung the signs and moved them in...


    And finally the FINISHED COOP...




    I found adding curtains to be extremely valuable along with fake eggs. My flock began egg eating due to one hen that could never put a shell on or laid very thin shelled eggs. Curtains keep the boxes dark which leads to less carousing for eggs to eat, hen slips in the box, lays her egg, she leaves, and the birds all leave the egg or eggs alone. I have since added different styles of kitchen curtains and both myself and the birds love them!

    I chose not to insulate this coop. Having grown up in a barn and around livestock, I have found that outdoor animals do far better when they are not raised in insulated barns or coops. I did however, add electricity. The fence pickets were very easy to install and made quick work of walls. I cannot say enough about this sand! I love how easy it is to clean, there is absolutely no odor and it is loaded with stones for the gizzards and this sand can be hosed down in the summer to keep the birds feet incredibly cool. I used shingles on the roof instead of the galvanized metal roofing that seems to be used on everything around here, and OSB boards instead of plywood to keep the costs down. The roost bar is a rounded 4x4 fence post.

    All in all, I spent about $1800 to build this coop. I am really enjoying this coop, and the girls seem to approve as well.

    (Edit to add 8/2017) I have since switched to wood mulch/chips on the coop floor, run and nest boxes. Myself and the chickens love them!!




    Meet the new Barred Rock babies!!! (2014)



    They are 10 days old today. :)

    Update: Sept. 3, 2014...Babies have grown up!! 18 weeks old today!! :)





    Update: 9/13/14
    Out with the flock today...the Rocks have grown up!
    [​IMG] 20170814_090446.jpg 20170726_121231.jpg 20170814_090950.jpg 20170814_085934.jpg 20170814_090646.jpg



    Rest in Peace dear Lucy

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  1. Anonymous
    "So pretty and practical!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Nov 1, 2018
    I love exploring coops here on BYC, and it's inspired me to revamp my run for my coop. This has been very helpful in the planning of a new roofed run.
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  2. Maria's Chickens
    "Very Nice Coop"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Aug 28, 2018
    Very clean, nice coop!
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  3. Sparcleus
    "Well-Built Coop!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Aug 7, 2018
    I love the coop! Any particular reason you switched from sand to mulch? I am about to add sand to my run and was just wondering. The pictures are great!
    Maria's Chickens and TwoCrows like this.
    1. TwoCrows
      This wild sand was very dusty. Just too much for the birds and myself. Purchased play box sand is much less dirty and dusty. I needed a new medium and found that wood mulch is cleaner, actually easier to clean and warmer in the winter. Sand is quite cold, great for summer, not so much for winter. Sand is back breaking heavy, wood mulch chips are super light. :)


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  1. Legion
    Very nice coop. Im contemplating cost effecient designs myself...
      TwoCrows likes this.
    1. TwoCrows
      You can't go wrong with this coop!! :)
  2. PennysHennys
    You mentioned that you changed from sand to wood shavings. What was the reason? Love your coop design, well thought out!
      Raenh and TwoCrows like this.
    1. TwoCrows
      This wild sand was very dusty. Just too much for the birds and myself. Purchased play box sand is much less dirty and dusty. I needed a new medium and found that wood mulch is cleaner, actually easier to clean and warmer in the winter. Sand is quite cold, great for summer, not so much for winter. Sand is back breaking heavy, wood mulch chips are super light. :)
    2. mzhof
      I was wondering the same thing. I tried sand in my brooder but it was so heavy and actually smelled much much worse since it was inside the house so switched back to pine shavings. Great info for summer cooling though.
  3. HomesteaderWife
    What a lovely, beautiful, and well-made coop!
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    1. TwoCrows
      Thank you! :)
  4. Justin G
    What a nice coop! Great job!
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  5. Christian99
    Wish I could have a coop like that!! I got the the effort, but not the money and not much equipment.
  6. unionhillchix
    awesome coop!
  7. Mountain Peeps
    Wow! This is a coop to be proud of!! I love the pics of your flock! I also love the feed and water stations!!

    Good job!!;D
  8. TwoCrows
    Hi Kilby! Yes, they are cedar picket fencing. I love the old fashioned look of raw wood. Cedar is incredibly water resistant so I didn't want to paint. The outside is stained however. :)
      Raenh likes this.
  9. kilby
    I like it alot. One question. Are those cedar fence boards? and why not paint them inside if they are. One big happy family you got there.
  10. lwiese58
    Fantastic coop and your girls are beautiful!
      Better Than Rubies likes this.
  11. ggamel
    great coop! Love your design and I have found the sand to be very easy to keep clean have it on the outside of my run but am thinking of putting it on the inside also as I use wood shavings now and seems as if I clean it more then I should.
  12. momofthehouse
    Where do you live? how cold does it get? wondering if we need to insulate. We live in washington state (pacific northwest)
  13. gobrown44
    Great Job! I have been trying to figure out a design for my girls and having seen yours here its broken my designer's cramp! I like it! Thanks for sharing!
  14. TwoCrows
    French Toast, it was VERY easy to build. I have since caulked up all the cracks between the boards to keep out drafts, rain and snow. The ventilation in the roof is good for any state in the US. (I am in NM) You need good ventilation to keep them warm. :)
  15. FrenchToast
    Very Nice ? What state are you in? I love the fence boards as well but as it ages you will get more space between them. I live in northern WI and I think it might be a bit to drafty..... but could figure out something for that I'm sure. I definately will be showing this to hubby. You made it look so easy to build !!! LOL
  16. Sweet T
    Very nicely done! I like the metal signs.
  17. Betsy57
    Very cool! Love the old barn style doors and siding! You should be very proud of yourselves!
  18. chicklover3990
    i love the way the cedar shines
  19. RoostersCrow HensDeliver!
    Beautiful coop! Love your design.
  20. TwoCrows
    Yolka doodle, that is sand from a nearby arroyo/wash. Places where water rushes down from the mountains during heavy rains. I believe it is actually gypsum rock. :)
  21. yolka doodle
    Hi, very nice coop. What sand are you using? I was thinking of using sand for my girls. thank you.
  22. AmericanBresse
    Great looking coop, good job.....
  23. EweSheep
    Beautiful job and very practical! I love the idea of using fence panels!
  24. grizlyadams3
    Great job ! Wish you had finished it sooner so I could have used your design for mine up here in Montana. LoL
  25. TwoCrows
    Thanks so much everyone! We never thought that this coop would get such a positive response. We slapped this coop up in only 2 weeks! I added a few pics today of the girls as they are enjoying this new coop as much as we are. Thanks again!
      TCCL and Raenh like this.
  26. memechick
    I love it!!
  27. Amerraucana101
    Great Coop!!!!!!!
  28. Dawnschix
    Very nice!!
  29. Kernel Cluck
    Wow, nice job. Love the huge run. Great job.
  30. mrealm
    The coop looks excellent!! I have been contemplating switching to sand for the floor of my coop. I have been using PDZ on the shelf under the perches and love it!
  31. coolcanoechic
    Great job! I really like it!
  32. Teena Marie
    Really a nice coop. Good Job!
  33. Jubilee1111
    It's lovely! Nice job!
  34. Camp Julsby
    I really like your design. This is very much like what we want to build for our girls. I cannot wait to show this to the Hubby.
  35. ChickenCrazy8
    Awesome coop!!! I love the sand.
  36. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the Chicken Coop - Picture of the Week. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process
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  37. bfrancis
    Very Nice!
  38. Penny Hen
    I love the idea of using the picket fence panels
  39. TwoCrows
    Thank you everyone for taking the time to check out my new coop! I am really enjoying it, as are the girls as well. Thanks again!
      TLHloveschicks likes this.
  40. MarcoPollo
    Excellent! And the stones look really good as a border/barrier.
  41. jenfarsh
    It blends right in and I love that old homestead look! Thanks for sharing!
  42. ChickAudie
    Wow! This is awesome :0) I love how you stuck with the homestead theme!
  43. Trefoil
    What a great idea. I love it.
  44. trochefarm
    Beautiful coop! Thank you for sharing!
  45. chicksbunsdog
  46. coolcanoechic
    Awesome! Nice job with your build!
  47. ChemicalchiCkns
    Excellent Coop.
  48. TwoCrows
    Thanks everyone! We just love this new coop. The chickens are so much more comfortable roosting at night and I feel good about them being in there as well. :)
  49. BeulahBreezes
    What a lovely coop! Beautiful!
  50. paridisefarm2009

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