The Peep Show
with young hot underage chicks

June 4, 2009- We just picked up our first batch of day old chicks Thrusday morning around 11am from a local familed own feed store in Garland. After much research, we decided to go with three Buff Orpingtons and three Ameraucanas. Both sounded like they would make good backyard chickens and be good with the kids.
June 7, 2009- Robert decided
after he started on the coop that we had room for one more chick. He left it up to me to decide. So I decided if the feed store still had chicks we would get another, so we ended up with lucky number 7, a Production Red (Cherry Egger).
June 11, 2009- Our girls are a week old and starting to get feathers .

June 13 - We took the girls for their first trip outside.

At first no one knew what to do, the grass was so different then the wood shavings. Someone found a pillbug and they all started looking around. They were pecking and scratching and peeping away.