The Perfect Flock for Me

By fuzzychick373 · Sep 14, 2015 · ·
  1. fuzzychick373
    I bought my chicks back in February, on the day before Valentine's Day. I had studied and saved and worried and joined 4-H and did all kinds of things just to have chickens. Why? Because, if you ask me, they are the sweetest, cutest, dearest, and most perfect pet on the face of the whole world. I got four chicks from Wardle Feed and about a week later, two Brahmas from Murdoch's. I must say, I'm a bit disappointed in Murdoch's. The chicks I bought from there didn't turn out quite as pretty or friendly as the four I got from Wardle. Also, one of the two Brahma sisters I bought, Fancypants (or just Fancy), turned out to be a big bully and is currently aggravating me by pulling out my poor Black Australorp's, Petal, back feathers and pulling out Fawn's, my sweet Silver Americauna hen, muff. She pecks the other ladies' combs and wattles and, on some occasions, has even drawn blood. The only chicken she likes is my other Brahma, Calico. My flock contains two other birds as well, Tigerlily, my awesome egg production Rhode Island Red, and Autumn, my sweet, absorbent, quiet Gold Laced Wyandotte. I just adore them. Well, maybe I don't feel as strongly for Fancy, but I diffidently fell something for her. I also showed Autumn and Fawn at the Douglass County Fair and here were the results: Autumn got a third place in Best of Breed, Fawn got first place in best of breed (she is really stunning compared to the pictures I've seen online), and I got fourth place in showmanship. Out of thirty people. On my first year! Chickens are very fun to keep and save you the cost of eggs. So, to anyone who is looking for nice pets, who deliver your breakfast and supply you an alternative of watching TV (my mom and I call it chicken TV), then I highly recommend chickens. I'll even give you the list of the top ten chickens most loved by children; Australorp, Plymouth Rock, Brahma (even though I don't think my brahmas match this), Buff Orpington, Cochin, Americauna (or can be referred to as an Easter Egger), Faverolle, Polish, Silkie Bantam, Gold or Silver Laced Wyandotte. Even though they're not mentioned here, Rhode Island Reds are a popular breed.

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  1. fuzzychick373
    I do respect nature and a chickens natural behavior. I believe you didn't understand this quite right. I do realize that chickens have been domesticated over time, and they do not naturally belong in a barnyard or any other chicken keeping place. I do understand that to keep a chicken in a house, alone, is terribly wrong. I do not keep my chickens in my house, they live in a coop by our barn. But I happen to think, and know, that if you treat a chicken kindly and like a pet, only not in your house, that they will turn out as great as pets inside. I know they have their flaws, but they make good pets. That is kind of why I got them. To them, I'm mamma bird, and I love love the ladies like they were my own children.
  2. pascopol
    Chickens are not pets by design, they are farm animals raised and bred by humans for millenia to supply humans with eggs and meat. If you treat some of your chickens as pets that's OK but seeing chickens totally as substitute for dogs and cats is a sick aberration, since all fads, temporary society's mental ills and insecurity is not an excuse to harm one of the most useful animal species subjecting them to our whims and temporary desires.

    Like for example keeping single ducks ( preferably with diapers ) believing we can substitute their natural social need of living with members of their own species.

    And the excuse that a single duck can be "inprinted" with an image of human keeper is just a poor excuse of human selfishness and lack of respect for nature and animal species in general.
  3. fuzzychick373
    I'm also writing a story about them. If it turns out good, I'm going to try to get it published.

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