*The Pruitt Family Page*

Hi, my name is Heather. I Have been married since 7-13-02 to a wonderful green thumb of a hubby Jon. We have 3 wonderful kids, 2 girls and a lil man. We have 2 dogs max which is a german shepard colie mix and Buster which is a pitbull and akita mix. we have 18 barred white rock hens and a road island red rooster. we have Bandits the curious ferret and slither a handsome ball-python snake. We live on a lil over an acre and have our own lil mini farm if you will. We will have our house paid off soon and hope to buy some land so we can expand...we would love to get some goats and pigs and so forth...we just can't afford it right now with everything going on! I am new to this so bare with me....lol!