The Rarest Chicken

By MsPoultry · Dec 6, 2014 · Updated Dec 7, 2014 · ·
  1. MsPoultry
    Ayem Cemani

    The rarest most expensive chicken and are pure black in and out here some info on them;


    Comb type:Single

    Egg color:cream-colored



    Carcass color:pure black

    Plumage color:pure black

    Comb/wattle color:black

    Temperament:sweet and affectionate

    Eggs per year:60-100

    Here's a rooster:


    A hen:






    An interesting pic:


    I hope you liked my article if you feel this information isn't accurate I'm sorry I don't own any just read about them have a nice day and thanks for reading! :D

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  1. MsPoultry
    A pigment called melanin which we also have in our skin,hair and eyes(the iris)depending on how much you have will make your skin/hair/eyes darker colored interesting huh?
  2. Mountain Peeps
    What causes all the black?
  3. MsPoultry
    Thanks! I guess the eggs are white/creamy I thought they would be black
  4. cackleberrycam
  5. youngchooklover
    WOW but I thought there eggs were black nice info.

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