So, for my 1st venture in owning chickens, and after lurking on BYC forever, we got 6 9-week-old pullets. Two Buff Orpingtons, 2 Ameraucanas, and 2 Rhode Island Reds.

This is the view from the upper perch by the window. They mostly sleep there overnight, which is a bummer, 'cause it's hard to get up there to scrape it off.

This is not the best picture, but my favorite girl so far. Her name is Honey, with a lot of variations, depending on my mood: Honey-bunch, Honey-bee, Honey-chicken, Honey-nut......

This is the 1st one to get a name. My son thought she looked like an Eagle, so Eagle she is.

Little Red and Big Red. I know, so original. They kind of stick together, but don't like anyone else. Sort of like the popular clique in middle school. They don't like me either. I hope they at least end up good layers!


Here's the whole crowd on their first free range outing. Wind-blown fluffy-butts. Hee hee.

Esther, the Easter-Egger.


And Miss Harriett