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  1. scriptkiddieJR
    we started out with 10 1 day old chicks (5 RSL and 5 tetra links)
    our dog (coonhound) got hungry one day and knocked the box over resulting in one of the chicks getting a hurt leg we had to put her in isolation [​IMG]

    eventually she got better and moved back in with the others.
    they grew out of the box and the bathtub and moved outside
    in the coop,


    they stayed in the coop for 2 weeks, they were allowed in the run afterward

    time passed and we found our first eggs in the nesting box
    one of our tetra links

    time passed and our friends offered to trade some geese for some chicks
    we had no rooster so we searched craigslist for a rooster and we came across
    Dennis or as he is known on here, herbert

    as soon as he was integrated he took place as second in command underneath UBH
    (you'd better be a hen)

    we let one of our hens brood her name is redneck (for obvious reasons)

    after 24 days she hatched 3 chicks

    after 2 more days 2 more hatched

    we also bought 3 chicks from TSC but i can't find pics of them
    well time passed and redneck weened them,

    they grew older and scratch (the blue one) layed her first egg


    Dennis shortly afterward overthrew UBH to be top and he decided he would try to kill her
    so she's in isolation from Dennis like she's been for 6 months while we try to find a home for her,

    redneck went broody again and hatched 9 more chicks





    we sold our friend 4 chicks which turned out to all be roosters

    after that we lost 2 hens who were egg bound[​IMG]

    we got some hatching eggs from our friend, no luck [​IMG]

    we also butchered a young surprise roo

    i said he was young not small

    redneck then weened her chicks and brooded again
    hatching 3 of 10 chicks





    our friends who offered the geese to us hit a snag with hatching the eggs,
    they ordered 2 pairs of breeding brown Chinese geese so they could trade the goslings
    for chicks....... well they ended up with 3 boys and1 girl which is bad so he gave us a guy to eat on thanksgiving
    his name is Samuel

    that blur with a black dot on it's back is a chick, they like him
    (personally i don't blame them)

    when it got dark i had to wrangle him up in the coop and i even recorded it so i could load it to here (it's the funniest video ever) but i can't figure out how to add them [​IMG]

    we butchered a rooster and Samuel on oct 27 2013
    also we had some friends over to help butcher


    On oct-28-2013
    we had a chick disappear,
    we have suspicions but no luck with finding it [​IMG]
    RIP: Insert

    a few months later our neighbor gave the roosters we sold to her back in exchange for a dozen eggs a month,
    lets just say we ate good the next few days ( 6 roosters 5 lbs each)
    but we saved Luna and KFC, Luna for a breeding project,
    and KFC is my favorite so we had to keep him!
    a couple random pics.
    KFC maintains fertility of Scratches eggs.

    on Feb/12/2014
    I had to separate KFC from the main flock because UBH (who has been separated from the flock for a year!)
    got out, Dennis (KFC's father) attacked her when Dennis climbed on her back, pecking her comb eyes and waddles while she was screaming KFC cleared a 12 foot fence and attacked Dennis.
    Dennis is still top bird and KFC is still second but now Dennis hates him as much as UBH.
    That black stuff on his comb is a scab from Dennis fighting back.

    later, we bought 5 chicks and 2 ducklings, shortly afterward a duckling died. :(
    3 dominique
    2 light brahma
    1 pekin duckling

    later we bought 6 more chicks, and 2 more ducklings. I'll post their pics in a little while.
    we butchered Luna, Ember and Snowflake


    March-12-2014: The flock gets divided.
    The main flock (Dennis's half) stayed in the run while KFC and his two girls ranged.
    after a while, I noticed two white hens and a balck hen got out.
    When I put them back in with Dennis he chased them until they flew out again.
    So... KFC now has 5 girls.... and 11 chicks..... and 3 ducks..... XD

    Redneck went broody (again) in a stroller.

    A few days later, we had a RSL brood

    After about three weeks, Redneck hatched eleven chicks!

    Then the RSL hatched three.

    A few days later, one of the chicks was standing away from the others. When we picked her up, we realized her intestines were dragging on the ground. :(

    We tried sewing her butt shut, but to no prevail. ;.;
    She died the following night.
    We also found two other chicks had downed on the bottom of the duck pond.
    (Both were Rednecks)

    Later, one of the RSL's chicks was found; beheaded with it's intestines strewn on the ground. [​IMG][​IMG]

    A few days later, we culled Dennis.

    We then bought 16 Cherry Eggers from CackleHatchery
    The chicks from Cacklehatchery grew up, along with the sets of chicks from both mothers.

    Then tragedy struck, and cocciodosis took out two of Rednecks chicks, and killed six of the Cherry Eggers. :(
    We separated the Red pullets from everyone so they wouldn't get anyone else from the main flock sick.

    A few days later, one of the RSL's chicks drowned, leaving her with one lonely chick. ;.; (Who turned out to be a pullet! BTW :3)

    The Red pullets eventually got better, and we sold five of them, along with Aztec (A young roo from Rednecks hatch) To some friends down the street.

    That same day, two chicks mysteriously disappeared.

    So I set the trap out that night and caught this little bugger. [​IMG]

    Then we sold the two red pullets and cockerel, along with a white pullet (All EE's) and a Brahma hen.

    Afterwards, we traded the remaining pullets (5) for another goose,
    If you want to see them and their new flock, click this link:
    Sadly he has a broken wing. (It is Not angel wing, he was grabbed by his previous owners son by the wing as a gosling, and it got broken. :/)

    Which left us with only two cockerels from Rednecks hatch.
    We got to add a new EE RSL hen a few weeks later! :3
    A few weeks later, Daisy got really sick and died. ;.;
    The exact same day, Barney swallowed a fishing hook.
    So I had to cull him. [​IMG]

    A few weeks later we added four Blue Swedish Mallard crossbreeds!
    The day before thanksgiving, we butchered Gerald, Partch and Falipo.
    They tasted delicious, thanks for asking :3

    That's all for now!
    Come back soon for more updates. :3

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  1. scriptkiddieJR
    If you've hatched as many roosters as we have, you'll find that most of the people who you could sell them too, are trying to get rid of some young cockerels too.
    It just doesn't work any other way. :/ And when the boys develop habits of gang-banging the poor girls, we just can't keep them! There's no other way around it. (Believe me, I've tried)
    We can't even put them in their own pen, we live in the city on 1/3 of an acre, the noise those birds can generate is just too much for our neighbors.

    I love sultans! they're such a pretty breed. :3
  2. DuckRaiser
    KFC is cute! I am not one to butcher, everyone says I should but I don't even eat chicken! I just say "If we have roosters we sell them!". I bet you'd like Sultans!
  3. RJeiddiktpircs
  4. holm25
    Nice story!
  5. scriptkiddieJR
    It's the way of life 'round here... I wouldn't have it any other way.
  6. Animals970
    Nice Article. Nice to see you weren't afraid to tell about butchering chickens.
  7. chickenboy100
    Nice!!! I like KFC :D
  8. scriptkiddieJR
  9. BasqueLover
    amazing story!
  10. scriptkiddieJR
  11. MyPetNugget
    Cool story! KFC is a nice looking rooster!
  12. scriptkiddieJR
    ssshhhhh, I don't know if they have seen these pics yet.
  13. WooingWyandotte
    Obviously they were ok with a roo mounting a hen; but not butcher pics?
  14. scriptkiddieJR
    who knows?
    I guess they aren't used to eating their own "pets"
  15. fightingrooster
    I cant believe people get upset because of pictures of butchered chickens ( and geese)! where I come from that's what we do to eat. whats wrong with people these days!?
  16. scriptkiddieJR
    thank you!
    he's my favorite to!
  17. ChicknsRock
    Nice article! I love KFC! <3
  18. scriptkiddieJR
  19. ChickenLover200
    just found this! you have a very interesting story :))))))
  20. chickenboy190
  21. scriptkiddieJR
  22. chickenboy190
    Awesome story! :~D
  23. scriptkiddieJR
  24. rosiekitty94
    what breed was he?
  25. scriptkiddieJR
    yeah, he was 13 LBS after prossecing.
  26. ChemicalchiCkns
    That Cock was massive...

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