My peeps were hatched in5/10/10. I will try to post pics as the grow so you can see how fast or slow they grow.Most of the age pics will be of my roo since once they grow it will be hard to tell who is who.Here is my crew lined up for evening head count. You will notice the gate is open. once the gate is closed they will not go outside even though as you can see the can jump over.

As you can see my girls love to pose. I took this pic of one sunbathing and the other just had to get in the picture.
What are you looking at?
This is my Fav Mishil at 5 weeks

This is my roo Charlie T Crow
At 6 weeks
Charlie is the one standing in the food bowl
Here is a baby pick.5/15/10 Charlie is top center
Baby penquins