Mamma to a dog, a cat, 21 Americana, 3 Cochins, 8 red sexlink and 7 Silkies!

I started having Chickens maybe a year ago and only one of the first flock has survived, Roo my breed unknown rooster is second in the flock only to me. I have had several other birds loose them here and there and keep trying to make a bomb proof coop and run. I had a polish disappear to hawks, lost 3 americana to dogs.
I love my chickens and all the effort that I put in for them really seems worth the effort. my new flock of bantum americana 4 birds has already lost one, very sad face
HOORAY!!! 12 new Pullets, excited to be the proud new Momma to these beautiful babies!!!!
Augh!!! just bought 10 more Pullets So Cute. . . I am addicted to buying chicks!!!
Some one stop me please!!! (My prayers answered with a Broody hen!)

I hope in the future to have a large flock of Americana . I hope your flock and days are wonderful

Lost my entire flock of Bantum Americana chicks, except the rooster. VERY SAD FACE!! almost finished the new coop and run completely covered, and surrounded by double wall fencing!!
I just purchased 8 new babies, I truely hope that all my loses are over!!
Rooster is sneezing and can't crow anymore!

Chicken Math is killing me!! I now have 50 chickens Many different ages, I love it!!! I spend almost all my waking hours with them
My Roo is such a master of his domain! He is so protective and helps keep the little ones in check, I have lost no more to predators I think my coop and the Roo have finally made a safe and happy area for my flock.
Look forward to when they all start laying..

How did it happen that now I have 56 chickens, many teens, 8 babies, and my original 6 adults!?!?!?
Love them all and spend a lot of time spoiling them!!!
big Randy is fine, found a Possum stalking the perimiter of my coop! will dispatch him if I see him again!!

Nature or the road took care of the opposum. and a large Raccoon, and a large Black snake. My babies are doing well, and my flock is growing in leaps and bounds. Sister picked up 10 more Americana for me and I will integrate them to my flock.. and 2 White Silkies! I haen't gotten them yet sister too far away! I won't try Polish anymore I have lost too many of them. I am very excited a huge coop for all the birds to stay together a small coop for the broodies, and a growing area for the babies!!! I have kept busy!

I have added 7 Silkies to my count!! Beautiful and very docile!! Still don't have the birds from my Sister
My coop is HUGE! and I am loving the chicken Life!!!!