I have two little girls who are 18 weeks old. My boyfriend bought them for me for our one year anniversary thinking it would be fun to raise them and then bring them to a farm once they get a little older. Knowing NOTHING about chickens. Of course I got attached to them instantly, they cuddled with me 24/7 in my apartment and were SO funny/cute. I still have no idea how I convinced my parents to let me keep them and build a coop in their yard in town! I built that thing ASAP and got a permit to keep them.

This is Debbie. ... She was the fiesty one and was always up to no good from day one. Kicking all the food out of the dish the second I first put her in her area, biting at my freckles all the time, and wanting to be on my head at all times.. I always thought since she had such a strong personality she would be the dominant girl but now I am starting to wonder as I realize she is quite the sweet heart, a little shy, and slowly opening up to me which makes me love her even more. I gave her a bath the other day for the first time, a blow dry and all, and I think it made her trust me because since then she has been hanging out with me a little more! She is VERY attached to her sister. When I first moved them over to my parents, I noticed whenever I would bring her sister to another room for some reason or another, she would FREAK out, run around and cry so loud until she came back. She does this every time I take her sister for a walk away from their coop and run. Too sweet :)
Naughty little thing





This is Stephanie. I fell for her the second I laid eyes on her. As a chick she was the sweetest little girl ever. I was so attached to her, I think it was her that made me realize there was no way I could let them go. She would want to cuddle with me all the time, to the point it worried me wondering if she was lethargic. She preferred to be up against my neck which I made sure to always have a blanket for her (chicks poop a lot I learned!) She also loved to follow her sister around and be taught new things. But she was the one that taught Debbie how to fly out of their play pen which I wasnt too happy to learn when I came home from work one day. They thought they could fool me and be back in the pen when I got home the rest of the week but I could tell because of the evidence. I bought netting for the top soon after! I have always worried a tad about her being a rooster and since I still havent gotten eggs from either one, I still wonder about her sometimes as her wattles and combs are starting to grow faster than I hope! She is still sweet but growing out of wanting to be touched and I hope she is just going through a phase. :(

My peanut as a little girl chickie


Growing up so fast!