My husband and I decided this summer to raise three chickens in our backyard. We live in the suburbs, that is, on a little more than 1/10th of an acre.
We don't have extra money. We don't have room to build a luxurious coop. We think it's important to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. So we got creative.
We call it the Ultimate-Backyard-Chicken-Coop-for-Cheapskates:
Yes, that’s a grocery cart. We found it in good condition, abandoned on the side of the road, far from a parking lot.
Instead of leaving it as an eyesore or sending it to the dump, we re-purposed it. We allow our chickens to free range in the backyard, so the coop is exclusively for weather and predator protection.
We also had an old yellow doghouse our dog never fit in, so we set that up on top to be the future laying nest.
This is not a coop for more than 3 chickens, but it's PERFECT for three birds or less (especially since we are letting them forage in the rest of the backyard throughout the day). Plus, it was essentially FREE to put together, tucks away perfectly into any part of the yard, and is super easy to move.

I will post more pictures and details soon on how exactly I've set up everything.