I've been working on my chicken coop since mid-April. I had lots of ideas about how I wanted to construct it but didn't realize how much time all this would take!! I bought 12'x8' pre-fab shed from the local farm store and have been working on it every day that I have off! There are three windows, a single door on the front, and a double door on the side. I divided it so that one side (for the chickens) is 7'x8' and the other side (I think we'll be getting a couple of turkeys) is 5'x8'. Once everything is all set, I'll be getting the chickens, I'm thinking I will end up with 15 chickens and 2 turkeys.
Here's the inside with some of the materials I used (Sam is checking things out!)
I insulated the sides and roof then covered it all with plywood. I cut out a 12"x12" hole for the chickens to go in and out of the coop. I also added another big window in the back that can stay open in the summer for extra cross- ventilation.
I got a bucket of cheap Oops paint and painted the inside, then lined the floor with a linoleum remant to protect the floor from water damage DSCF2562.jpg
My husband dug out the perimeter of the shed and the run and we buried hardware cloth 8" deep.
I painted the shed to match the colors of our house then started work on the run. I'm pretty handy but have never done any construction, so I spent lots of time with my Home depot book. :) I also spent lots of time researching coop design on this website, so people might recognize some of the designs as their own! The run will be 4x8 on one side and 6x12 in the back.
The side of the run, which is covered in hardware cloth (Bruce is showing us how it is escape-proof)
Here is the back of the run, which I covered in corrugated roofing.

On the inside, I built 8 nesting boxes (I probably won't need that many but it looked nice) and covered the top with linoleum so the chickens can look out the window. The window looks out over the run, so I won't have to worry about creatures coming too close at night. I also built a set of roosts with 2x4's
Underneath the nesting boxes I built a little storage cabinet where I will keep the food.
This is a picture of the other side

Here is the run all completed:
Side of the run, looking through door
All of our nieces and nephews traced their hands and decorated their "turkeys" on the inside.
I built a shelf on one side for storing hay, shavings, etc and keep more floor space available
Coop all completed, complete with stairs and weathervane
And of course, here are the babies!