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Thechickencamefirst's Page

  1. TheChickenCameFirst

    Hello! Welcome to my BYC page!
    I am 27, mother of A Precious four year old girl, and a Rambunctious two year old boy, 8 chickens (3 barred rock, 2 cinnamon Queens 2 RI Reds and 1 Amerucana)
    a pug dog, several tropical fish and wife to a WONDERFUL man!

    We are Christians, and believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, and we live our lives to please Him!
    (Even if we mess up on that sometimes! )

    I grew up on a farm, complete with pigs, a pony and dogs. We are trying very hard to make our selves a bit self sufficient, and have a large vegetable garden, and several berry bushes (Blackberry, blueberry, and strawberry).
    We love this home God has blessed us with! I am here to try and impart what I know, and learn so much more!

    Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you out there!

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