<---This was Paul! A fox got him unfortunaly We have chickens!This one is Mark, he is crazy -->


We have way too many Chickens, well over 80+ and if everything hatched ok and gets here ok, we will have 101 in a few weeks! We have Sussex, LegHorn, RIR, Ausrolorp, Marans, Barred Rocks, NHR, Brahams, Silkies, Auricanas, Easter Eggers, Gold Sex Links, Game Fowls, Black Giants, and many many more! OH SO many more.....

<===Sarah, with her 14!!! babies! We have Muscovy Ducks! We also have Pekings and one Indian Runner who thinks she is a Peking!

We have turkeys! We have Bronze, we have Royal Palm, we have Black Spanish Burbon Reds, and a few others! We are just letting most everybody free range all over the place! We love having the animals around and our 5 dogs (Cocker Spainel, chihuahua, 2 samoyeds and one great pyrenees) do too! We have all very happy, clean, and safe coops, pins, and cages, with nothing much fancy, just a plain jane back yard over run by chickens! (we also have pigions and guinees, but they don't count) :)