Hi All,

I live in lincolnshire UK and have a few chickens as pets. I have a small flock of 15, which includes Indian Game, Ixworth, Silkies, Copper Black Marans, an Aracauna hybrid, a few mongrels (Light Sussex X Silkie, Silkie X Dorking, Aracauna X Copper Black Maran) and a rare Silver Grey Dorking cockerel, and numerous chicks.

Last year I bred a successful number of olive egg layers from crossing the Copper Black Marans, with the Lavander Aracaunas. Every cross was an olive egg layer of various shades from light to really dark.

This year my husband is breeding table birds, crossing Indian Game with Dorking and Ixworth. I am also continuing to cross Silkies with unrelated Silkie crosses. Silkie Xs produced some beautiful birds.