Cochin Chickens I raise: White Silkies, Bantam Cochins in White, Brown Red, Black, Blue, Black Mottle and Blue Mottle. My birds come from Keith LeGrande and they are mostly Judy Gantt and Jamie Matt birds.
Other Breeds of Chickens I raise: Modern Game Bantams, Dark and White Laced Red Bantam Cornish, Seramas, and Lakenvelders.
Call Ducks I raise: White, Gray, Silver Appleyard, Blue Fawn. My birds are from, Cierae Endsley, Dennis Fuller, and Charlie Hodum.
I also have mallards in the silkie feathers and normal feather. I have Blue Fawn, Blue Bibs and Gray. I will also have whites next year.
Father of 3 ages 5(boy), 12(boy), and 15(girl), 3 dogs, Am. Bulldog, French Bulldog and German Shepherd and 3 cats, 2 Munchkins and one calico.
Website: http://www.oakgrovepoultryofwisconsin.com/index.html