Hello Everyone,
I am "Their Other Mother" and I found this site while searching for new and unique designs for my new Chicken Coop. Some of you are so creative and others are very resourcefull and frugal! Thank you for shareing your great ideas!
My Husband and I live on a small ranch in Arizona and have a house full of children - yours, mine & ours - 7 infact. 3 boys / 4 girls and many others whom where not our biological kids. Some people are content collecting stray animals...
Then there is our Animal Family! Right now we have 3 horses: Christy, a Seal Brown, Quarter Horse Mare, has been in the family for 30 years, longer than most of the kids. Freddie Freeloader is an 8 year old Paint that we got as a weanling & Chip (named after his chipped front toothe) is a 7 year old Sorrel, Quarterhorse Gelding whom we have had for 4 years. RIP my faithful friend Ole Paint who died Feb. 19, 2007. I foaled him 27 years earlier and we have made alot of memories. Other horses over the years have been Peaches, Hazel, Sierra Katie, Razzle, and Diamond, all Quarterhorses & Paints.
We also have 3 dogs: Herbie is 11, we're not sure what he is but he is big, weighs about 75 pounds and is The Best Dog in the Whole Wide World!! Yes... even better than yours... Hollywood should make a movie about him! Thor and Molley are Great Danes that we got for Easter in 07 and I'm still getting use to living with a dog that is bigger than me! When Thor stands on his hind legs he is over 6 feet tall. I know this because my husband is 6' 3" and Thor is taller! Any advise on this topic is welcomed.
The Goats! ...so my for my youngest daughters 7th birthday Gramma gets her the "Shirley Temple" video collection, which contained "Heidi". Need I say more? They are Alpine Swiss, she named them "Leela & Pearl" and that was 3 years ago!
Over the years we have had a few steers and too many chickens to count. There are several who stand out in our minds, like the silkie hen the kids gave a bath to and rinsed her off under the bath faucet. She spent the next few weeks nesting in the dog food bag in the garage. We are not sure if she was in shock or just hiding from the kids. Then there was a Turkey named "Lurch". The kids made it very clear he was their pet and not Thanksgiving Dinner but he got mean, would beat up on the dogs & scratched the #%@* out of my sister's new firebird but he did keep the coyotes out of the yard! We were worried he might hurt one of the younger kids (they were about 3 to 7 years old at the time) so my buddy say's he would like to have him. After Lurch continually beat the snot out of his 2 Dobermans and vet bills were mounting, he gave Lurch to another friend who eventually ate him...or tried to - he should have used the pressure cooker!
Now we have 6 hens, and an incubator full of eggs. One African goose egg who is boppin around and should hatch this week. YAY! It's my first goose. 11 random duck eggs, 9 chicken eggs, and 4 turkey eggs. You guessed it, I won a suprise batch of eggs on e-bay!
Hence the name "Their Other Mother" ....Sooo, I'll keep ya posted on my goose egg since my kids tease me about sitting and watching the incubator! They swear Jeff Foxworthy is my secret reletive and using me for his material because there are just too many similarities to be a coincedence!!