Hello Everyone!

My name is Jordan, and I live in California. I grew up in my grandparents garden, and I got my first pair of chickens when I was 5 years old. My grandpa suprised me one day with a pair of Old English Game Bantams, and I've had chickens ever since! Im in the process of downsizing my flock at the moment, so its hard to list what I have! I also raise Muscovy Ducks, Goats, Cats, Dogs, Snakes, House Birds and a Bearded Dragon! I also have a whole mess of mice, but they are feeder/breeders for my snakes! Im downsizing because Im going to be starting college this Summer. It will be a whole lot easier to take care of less birds! Im a HUGE Wildlife Conservation Fanatic. I do NOT kill any animals, unless its for a food purpose, such as chickens. I will not kill a predator, ever. I moved in on their home, and if they kill my birds, its my fault, I didnt build their coop good enough. I personally love predators. I dont think anything is cuter than a possum! I love snakes and all of the weird critters that most people hate, and Steve Irwin is my #1 hero. When you meet me, you learn of my love for Wildlife immediately, I rarely ever talk about anything else!

Here's a few pics of my critters!

This is Dawson, my Adult Male Corn Snake.


This is Hannah, another Corn Snake of mine.


Some of my mice.


My Muscovies, Milk and Sadie.

My favorite pullet, Uno.


And last but not least, my first snake ever, Chester.


Well, that is just a itty bitty portion of all of my critters! I hope you all dont hate me because I love the predators,lol.

Take Care!