Theron's Fowl Farm
I have always loved and cared for animals, but only one year ago, I started raising birds. I never was that interested into the birds until I got three little chicks from our local fair. They ended up to be two hens and a rooster. From that time I have always had a passion for birds. I would keep saying that oh I want that one and that one too. Once I was up to about five chickens, I found this site and I have been addicted ever since. I have met many nice and caring people that have taught me many things about the care and joy of raising birds. I even have hatched out my very own birds in our two incubators. Both of my parents support my addiction to the birds, but my mom is more supportive than my dad, even though he is retired and has always wanted to have a farm. During the same year we were also interested in ducks and geese. They are real joys to have around. They have almost a calming and soothing affect to them. We never planned on really having more than a few laying hens for eggs, but I guess the bird addiction was way stronger than we thought.
We have been raising:
- Millie Fleur D'uccles
- Golden Laced Sebrights
- Seramas
- Quail D'anvers
- Old English Game

large fowl:
- Mixed Breeds
- Muscovies
- Sebastopols
*** We usually have something for sale, so just message us for details***