These Chicken Times!!!
In the begining.....
We had a old shed and I was going to tear it down. It needed help....​

So we fixed er up and we went and got some chickens. This is going to be a learning experance for us.
The chickens......
I do some reserching and found out that the local farm store had some chickens. I tell the crew that we will get 2 a week and that they would pick them out and name them.
This is Aggie shes a dominecker
This is Nugget a rhode island red.
They were the first 2 that we got.... Then we got a buff orphangton
Maggie has arrived!!! Now we have 3 young hens.
Wow the first day, Maggie laid a egg
So I got to thinking these chickens are awesome they make great pets and they are very frendly and they give us eggs. But the poor old shed wouldnt hold up for long term it had to be patched and stiched. I was look at the coop section and wow i can build a awesome coop and run so i started the Cluk cluk delux.
The Cluk Cluk Delux.....
The spot
The 2x4 floor joists i decided to build a 8lx8w x7h coop
Roofed and what is that ????
OMG!!!! a porch for chickens oh my !! and its sided now for some work on the inside
Nest Boxes
fence posts