Hi Everyone!
OMG! They are adorable! I ended up getting 6 Rhode Island Reds aged at 2 weeks. I am told they are all female... we'll see! They are comfy at home and this is the page that I will post their pictures on as they grow. I have named one... the littlest... Penelope. I have no idea why, but THAT is who she is! She's nesting and VERY, VERY sleepy. The rest of them are curious chickys! I'm a little worried about it being too hot and I didn't get a thermometer... but we'll see. I lifted the light a bit and put them in a cardboard box rather than the plastic baby pool I was going to use. I thought the plastic might heat up too much. WISH ME LUCK PLEASE... as this is my first endeavor with chickens. BTW... the cats are VERY curious. The first photo is of my Taylor and Cow... who scampered away QUICKLY when the boxes moved! LOL!