This is my open air coop design

By 72elizabeth · Jul 25, 2015 · ·
  1. 72elizabeth
    Just added this simple place for them to bed down.
    Anyone can build this!!! I'm 75 and not a carpenter. I built this by myself. I also built the open air guinea coop, by myself. The geese coop at this moment is only 8' wide by 10' long and the sides art 5' in height. The ridge beam is 6' high. It is to hot to continue, so I'll add on the other 10' in Oct. when it cools down. I use these measurements for the geese 'cause they do not perch and I'm only 5'. Your measurement should be comfortable for you to stand, so you can feed and clean.
    I stain all wood before I cut. I measure at least 3 times and cut once. I use 2x4's all around and 4x4's for the corners and to hold up the ridge beam I used 1/2" hardware cloth and attached it with washers and screws I dug 2 holes, each 2' deep for the 4x4x8, that will hold up the ridge beam. The ridge beam 2x6x10.I use 2x4 joist hangers for the rafter. I cover the top with a truckers tarp. The truckers tarp lasted 5 yrs on the guinea coop. I just replace it. If you have predators, you can put up 1" hardware cloth for a roof and then cover it with a tarp or metal roofing. I'm not happy with the door, so I'll be changing that when it cools down. I use 3 ladders. I used a fabric that is used in putting road in. It stops the weeds from coming up. I is breathable. I attached it to the 2x4 and drilled small hold in the PVC and attach the curtain to the 1 [​IMG]1/4" PVC. I only put the curtains down [​IMG]

    in very bad weather. I used black bungie strap to hold down the tarp.[​IMG]

    Here's the guinea coop.


    Pm me if I can be of any help.

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  1. N F C
    Maybe it's just too early in the morning but, I don't see a link? Love to see your coop!

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