Thistle Lane Chicks

By BittieBoo · Feb 17, 2012 ·
  1. BittieBoo
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    Amelia (BO) and Roxie (Red Star) with Cinnamon Sugar (another RS) out in the yard the other day. I purchased these girls (with 11 other assorted breeds) almost 1 year ago from Southern States in Amelia, VA.

    Amelia (the first to "fly") is such a beautiful and friendly girl and my only Buff Orpington. Her lovely personality has me ready to purchase more Orpingtons.

    Roxie bolts the run every morning (over a 6 foot fence) to lay her egg in our barn and is a stunning chick! Roxie has an outstanding personality and is a real snuggle-bug. She has given me an egg every day (except once) since she began to lay.

    Cinnamon Sugar is a little more reserved but a very curious girl.

    These are just a few of our 18 hens and I hope to post more pictures soon!

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