This is a picture of my brown breasted red hen caring for a banty chick named Blackie and two pied peacicks named Pie and Tart (RIP guys).
This is my dominant rooster, Bato, a duckwing mutt. He is currently sick but getting better!
This is the gang hanging around(L to R): Pissadidee, June, Mama, Ra, Daughter
The rest of the gang inside before bed (L to R): Horus, Little Girl, Kekh, Mama
My peeps! Their awesome daddy died, Mr Peep, he was sooo kind and friendly. These are his babies: Little Peep, Butter (Bitey), and Pip
Mr Peeps mate and the peeps mother, Digger (shes kind of addicted to dirt and the digging process)
Mr Peeps, the BEST rooster in the world, anyone could ever ask for, love you, Little guy :]
Lucky the Blue Indian peacock I rescued with a broken toe, which fell off! He has dissapeared and is no where to be found (in our neighborhood of 800 peafowls)
Ra and Horus (named after Egyptian gods) sharing the broody job of hatching the eggs :]
Bato and Crescent the sebright who was killed by a raccoon (I love you, my little moth hunter! RIP)
Mille Fleurs are calm and tame? NO. Truffle my mille roo was so mean, you couldnt enter the coop without a leg attack (or head). Poor Mr Peeps shows his Truffle-battle scars! Mama leans away scared..
Bato and his daughter, Daughter (original huh?). Named her that since I knew I wouldn't keep her, gave her to a teacher of mine who named Daughter...Dotty.
My little peeps when they were small, their forth sibling killed by a scrub jay (DAMN YOU!) RIP, Eggy! I rescued him from the egg when his mother left the nest, cold.