*Hunting is not a sport. In sports, both sides know they are in the game. ~ Paul Rodrigues

* An old man walking along the beach sees a young boy gently tossing something back into the ocean. He approaches the young boy and asks "What are you doing young man?"The young boy replies "When the tide came up, it stranded starfish on the beach. I'm returning them back into the ocean so they don't die." The old man, looking up and down the beach says "Boy, there are miles of beach and 100's of starfish. You can't possibly make a difference." Smiling politely and gently picking up another starfish and placing in the ocean the boy says "I made a difference to that one."
*No one in the world needs a mink coat but a mink. ~ Murray Banks

*Animals give me more pleasure through the viewfinder of a camera than they ever did in the crosshairs of a gunsight. And after I've finished "shooting," my unharmed victims are still around for others to enjoy. I have developed a deep respect for animals. I consider them fellow living creatures with certain rights that should not be violated any more than those of humans. ~Jimmy Stewart

*A parishioner went up to the priest to unload his guilt about the act of gossiping ~ so what harm was done exactly, he asks … So the priest asked the parishioner to go back home … take a feather pillow & a knife with him up onto the roof of a high building.. Give it a slash and see what happens…
So, the parishioner did as he was told … he took a pillow & a knife … went up onto the roof & slashed it with all his might… Lo & behold… there were feathers & more feathers flying all over …. The parishioner then returned to the priest to report the act done. The priest proceeded to ask the parishioner to go back up & the roof … to RETRIEVE each and every feather that escaped from the pillow …
Well, that sums it up beautifully doesn’t it… Each and every word, no matter how juicy (whether with malicious intent, or not) that escapes from our mouths … can never be retrieved fully … So, the harm & the hurt is done. There no turning back. Food for thought.
*The reason that a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue ~ Anonymous
*The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them. That's the essence of inhumanity.~ George Bernard Shaw
*Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. ~ Anatole France

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." ~ Jimi Hendrix
"The soul is the same in all living creatures, only the body is different in each." ~ Hippocrates
Dear Lord, hear my prayer for all your creatures everywhere. For animals both big and small and for my pets, please bless them all.
We, who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way...~ Irving Townsend
When the earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come and save them. ~ Chief Seattle

If all the beasts were gone, man would die from great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. ~ Chief Seattle (Suquamish Tribe) 1736-1866
People who count their chickens before they hatch, act very wisely, because chickens run about so absurdly that it is impossible to get an accurate count. ~ Oscar Wilde