Three Cedars Silkies

  1. Three Cedars Silkies
    When Granny Donna first saw silkies, she was determined that we should have a small flock of them. The rest of us weren't convinced...they looked odd...not really like chickens at all. But she persisted and for Christmas 2007 we hatched our first chicks. Thus began our love affair with silkies!!

    Since then we have added several varieties to our flock. We now breed and exhibit silkies in white, black, blue/splash and most recently added the American Paint. Our silkies have a happy and healthy life. We have built coops that are surrounded by large grassy yards (when the silkies don't eat it all!). The coops doors are opened in the morning so they can free-range in a small, protected area eating insects, worms, grass and seeds. During the day the hens return to the coop to lay their eggs. In the late afternoon, all the birds return to the coop and we close the doors and turn on the electric fence that surrounds the pens and protects them. The birds are then safe from nocturnal predators, and they sleep soundly, restoring their energy for another busy day of free-range living, breeding and raising their families.

    And so we take these lovely birds and give them what they want most...lots of sunshine, clean air, nutritious food and warm breezes plus some of the best natural spring water in the world and plenty of room to grow and roam.


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  1. hylla
    Are you still raising silkies?
  2. purelypoultry
    Very nice page! That is a beautiful silkie!
  3. BantamoftheOpera
    Nice picture, it sounds like your birds have a great life!

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