I suspect this is a light Brahma. Feathers go down the outside of the legs, almost covering the feet. Looks like a pea comb, bumps on both sides of the beak, then straight back into the feathering of the forehead.
Can't tell male or female.


This is my suspected OEGB. I believe this one is a Roo. Out of the 5 that I have he is the only one with such a distinct comb. His legs are also thicker than the others but only by a little. I have one other that has a comb that is slightly higher than the others, but nothing like this ones.

Here is a look at the face of another of the suspected OEGBs. You can see the difference in the size of the comb there. I had heard these birds could be aggressive, but aside from the rooster they are so sweet, and love to be held. This one just let me hold her for the picture. No problems at all.

Roo on the right and hen on the left I think? Larger comb and just slightly thicker legs? I have no idea what color these guys would turn out to be?

OEGB next to the Brahma? You can see the different combs, and feathered feet.

Are these both Roos? One has a much larger Comb and slightly thicker legs, but the other still has a comb that protrudes just a teeny bit more than the ones I am sure are pullets. (One on Right is definite Roo, one on left is ???)

I think this is an Ancona? It has what looks like a Single Comb. Mostly black feathers will well defined division between the colors. It's a very solitary chick, not mixing with the OEGBs or the Brahmas at all. I am thinking it is a Roo.