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By TheChickenMomma · May 6, 2013 · Updated May 9, 2013 ·
  1. TheChickenMomma
    Hello and thank you for looking! Here is my blog!

    I plan to every day add stories and tips and jokes about my chickens!

    So here is the start of my Chicken Story:

    It was a warm and sunny day. Actully, it was rather cloudy. But still warm. We drove the few miles on the highway, and then off onto a side road. Then a smaller side road, and then a driveway. Farmer Johns driveway. Well, we pull up and see a nice house:The house of a farmer. Me and my family ride around to the chicken houses, where the good farmer told us to meet him. And then pulls up a man in about his 60's, rideing a 4 wheeler. We talk, my dad hands over the cash, and i go to pick out 3 chickens. Black Sex Links they were. about 20 weeks old, the age to lay eggs. We bring them home to our coop, the shabby little thing.

    The next week, one chicken named Emerald died. Heat stroke it was. She panted and was so hot and didnt move. We gave her water and put her in front of a fan.I knew that as long as i felt her little heart beating as i held her, she would be ok. Then it stopped. RIP Emmy.

    We still had 2, Hazel and Scarlet. Then Hazel didnt move much. She had worms. And died. RIP Haze.

    We still had 1. Thankfully a friend had some Buff Orpingtons. He gave us 1. Tiny we called her.She was so much bigger than Scarlet. Her name stuck to this day. Then one day , Scarlet was gone. MIA Scar.

    We got another chicken from our friend , and named her Echo, because she clucked a lot. Echo ran away, so we got yet another: Repeat. We found Echo, and now we have 3 Buff Orpingtons:

    Tiny, Echo, and Repeat.

    Many weeks later,
    "Come here!" Calls my mother. I rush to her. She tells me about our friends giving us chicks that she cant keep. We prepare ourselves with supplies and information, and on a Tuesday, Finally get our 7 chicks. Here is a list of their names:

    Waffle Bowl
    Oreo Brownie Earthquake
    Creme Puff

    Its been several weeks. 8 in fact! The chicks are so big, we call them little chickens. They are outside in a temporary coop, next to our 3 girls. They are about to move.

    Current Things:
    You have now gotten to the current part of my story, the one that will always grow.

    May 7th

    So, we are building a new coop! Yay! It is 20ft X 6ft and 6ft tall! The coop is around 7 ft x 4 ft . Big right? We got the wood for it for free. Our local furniture store gave us a lot of crates and we are making one into a coop! It has 3 roosts, different sizes. 5 nesting boxes, all around 1 foot square. The front opens up for cleaning. It will be painted Camo. Thats all for now!

    May 9th

    So, today we got the coop up. Our chicks love it, but the adults not so much. We are going to paint it next week!

    Chicken Meme For the Day: Never leave a ladder near roosty chickens . They wont come down

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