Here are our First chicks, There were 4 but we are down to 3 and only one looks like it will be a pullet!

This is the orgianal poachy, but the poor thing did not make it.. Failure to thrive is all I can think as she was 1/2 the size of her brood mates when she passed.

Had to get the 3 year old another chicken so I told her that it was mine that died and gave her the one that looked most like poachy with a dot on his head. Turns out this one seems it might be a rooster so he will be dinner and will have to get the little on a new chicken again . lol

This is Alex and seems to be the only one that will turn out to be a pullet. Once we get our house I will be making an order for more chickens, but 3 is more than we need in our current situation.
There is another one that I somehow missed when taking pics.. So hard to keep track of them when they are running every which way.

Pictures to come as the grow.
And stay tuned for the happenings of DH and I coop building.
Blood to follow for sure!!! and Lots of curse words!! lol