Here's some pictures of my brooder set-up for the chicks I picked up on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010. There will be 5 regular sized chicks, and 3 bantams. I haven't added bedding or the hardware cloth top to it yet, but when I do, I plan on putting an old bath towel down with paper towels over it until Saturday the 10th, and then after that it will be a layer of newspaper, a few inches of pine shavings, and then a layer of paper towels. The box is 13in high, 20in wide, and 39in long. You can see in the back under the lamp that I have a digital thermometer. The heat lamp is a 10in, with a 250watt red bulb in it, and it's wrapped around a clothing pole, in addition to being clamped on. All of these were taken with my iphone.


Here is a picture of it with the light on

Here is an image of the waterer. It's a saucer with a heavy, overturned ceramic bowl.

Here's a side view of it, to show the depth, and how much space is between the bowl and the edge of the saucer.

And here is the excursion pen my husband made for them.