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By Wolftalk · Feb 29, 2012 · ·
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    The Simple, Small, and Affordable Coop


    It all started when 3 little Bantam eggs ended up in my life. I was pet sitting for a friend with Bantam chickens, she had set some eggs to hatch while we were whatching them for her, but the broodys turned on the chicks that hatched. By the 5th dead chick, I took the last 3 unhatched eggs home. I hatched those eggs with a cardboard box, a desk lamp, and a sponge. Perfect hatch rate! 3 out of 3! I love those birds so much!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This is my favorite chick named Penguin ..... Have you ever seen such a cute face?!

    Anyway- On with the coop!~

    So after 4 weeks with chicks with chicks living in my bedroom, THEY NEEDED A REAL COOP!!!!
    I found a great little coop on here called "Dutch Hen House" I bought the plans and got building!

    [​IMG] Sorry this pic is in the rain :)

    To build this coop well cost us about $200 exacally. It is 8ft by 3ft. (Im pretty sure) I never worry about anything getting in or out. However I did make a few small changes.
    Here are some things I changed:
    1. I used larger screws with larger threads.
    2. I made the door solid instead of leaving it open with the wire. It keeps more of the rain and wind out.
    3. I put removable (which is why they arent in the pic.) wheels on. VERY HELPFULL!!!
    4. I added a handle bar on the right side. (see in pic.)
    5. I put the roost on the back wall.
    6. I made the Hen Door 1/2 the size.

    Also, I just added a 5ft by 10ft run on. I love it. However it was a not easy to make because it required welding. I had my dad help me with that. Then we also welded on the wire. We zip tied mesh to the top so nobody gets in or out.

    All and All this is a great coop. It works well for my small flock and I would suggest it to any Backyard Chickener!!!

    Hope you like it!

    ~ Kayla

    Penguin, Danny, Lulu, and Paris

    Ps. Im sorry if I stole the name Tim-bock-tu from someone on here. I thought I made it up, but mabe I did see it on here before, I forget! If so I apalogize!

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    "Good job"
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    Would like to see more details and pictures.


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  1. BackSwampGirl
    This is a very sweet and precious story.And to think how you hatched them in a cardboard box.Congrats on your chicks,and coop,Good JOB!!!!!!!!

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