The story of: Penguin, Auggie, and Danny

Penguin Auggie Danny

That Time I Rescued Those Eggs.......
Its really quite interesting how animals show up in your life sometimes. Well I'll spare you the long story, but to sum it up, i rescued these 3 eggs from my friends house that we were house sitting for. There were a number of hens in one nesting box with like 5 eggs, each time an egg would hatch a hen would kill the chick. So after seeing the 5th chick murdered i took the remaining 5 eggs home. However, 2 of them were no good so i tossed those, leaving me my 3 eggs. I put them in a cardboard box with my desk lamp, and a sponge. They all hatched sucsesfully. Leaving me with 3 cute Bantie chicks. I fell in love with them, and my friend said i could keep them. Then I got my mom to let me keep them also. After wanting chickens for years, this is how I ended up with them. Im so glad I have my chickens. I love them so much!

These are the 3 eggs I spent hours staring at, trying to decide weather they were moving or not. Of corse they did and when they stopped I hoped they were just taking a nap .....


This is my muched loved chick. Her name is Penguin. (Even though she is full grown now sometimes I bring her in the house to hang out with me :)

This chick is NOT dead. She just fell asleep :) awwwww

This is my Whole flock. All the eggs I rescued hatched, here they are 4 months later!!!


This is thier coop..... it is simple to build, and only costs about $200 to build. You can find more info and buy the plans by going here:


Meet My Other Pets :

This is Shadow, he found us in a lightning storm. We decided that we loved him more than whoever had staved and abandon him. (Although we did put up signs) So we kept him. :)

This is Josh "the one eyed guy" he only has one eye. Hes my TB gelding. Hes a rescue horse and was born in Germany and raced there. He was a pretty good racer too! Two 1st 2 2nd and three 3rd! Good job Josh!


This is my cat that we found on our deck. Ya, we kept her too!