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Tiny Roo the 1st to crow...

  1. ky chicken mom
    My little orange teenager in chicken yrs...who is only about the size of a full grown dove...Is the long awaited First To CROW...OMG...the cracking almost hmmmgrrr ...and comical look on his face as he looks like he is thinking...wait I can do this...then another ggggcccreee...does a little neck stretching again twitching his neck feathers....the other NOT at all impressed Roos and hen ( teenager chickens)...turning away or sleeping...
    Then CaaaaRoooo....CaaaaaRooooo.....CAAAAAROOOO...and strutting his new voice the total look of pride in his glowing little face...i can see his...I did it...I did it...look...I so enjoy them...the first picture is little red roo hatched on April 1st he is 8 weeks old...My first baby to Crow...all my babies are under 6 months old




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  1. Tinybabes
    Oh yeah that first squeek of a crow is fun.My newest roo sounded like a death gasp so I woke my husband up. He checked and came back in the house laughing about that tiny little feather ball thinking he is all grown up.

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