I'm new to the whole chicken thing this year although I've been dying to get birds for 3 or 4 years now. I wanted 3 or 4 hens so bought a little coop. Then I bought 6 pullets. Then 4 more chicks. Then 4 more. Then my husband (who, up to this point had been acting like he was humoring me) brought home 3 more. After a run-in with a dog and the sale of some roos, we now have 12 birds.
So, like the awesome husband he is, he built me the chicken Taj Majal. Although mine does not have window treatments like some I've seen.

It is 8x10 with an 8x10 run. We fenced off the three sides of the house to allow them to access the space underneath when they are not free ranging. I let them out to free range from about 10am til dusk. I just wanted the run so I could leave for a weekend without worrying about them.
We live in S. Georgia, so extreme cold is not really an issue, we're more concerned with heat. The coop is situated under some shade trees, I have 2 screened windows I can open for cross ventilation and the eaves are open, just covered with chicken wire. I'll get around to painting it eventually.

It has a 8x8 chicken side and a 8x2 "people side" which is handy for storage. We now have 5 red sex linked (the originals and the nicest girls), a leghorn, a silver-laced Wyandotte rooster, 2 BR, 1 BO, 1 EE, and a frizzle EE.
"We love our house!"



I'm no longer quite so new to chickens. I have 2 broodies sitting now and am expecting my first chicks tomorrow. I've even gotten around to painting the coop (finally).


I am, however, new to beekeeping! These are my first hives and with a lilttle luck, I will have a small honey harvest this fall.